We represent journalists, academics, and writers who bring untold stories to light or who help us understand past events from a new perspective. Our list includes a wide range of titles featuring recent moments like Jeff Nesbit's Poison Tea, important figures like Mark Adams' Mr. America, and defining eras like Michael Meyer's The Year That Changed the World. We look forward to continuing to examine and explore these important moments in our past that influence our present day.


A Wide Range

To learn more about the books to your left, roll over their covers with your mouse.

A Wide Range

To learn more about the books to your left, roll over their covers with your mouse.

Mark Adams

Mr. America


This biography by journalist Mark Adams pulls Bernarr Macfadden, eccentric health guru and rags-to-riches millionaire, out of historical obscurity. Mr. America: How Muscular Millionaire Bernarr Macfadden Transformed the Nation Through Sex, Salad, and the Ultimate Starvation Diet has been praised by Thomas Mallon and Elizabeth Gilbert, who said it's “a delightful and colorful piece of true Americana.” The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Entertain- ment Weeklyand others raved. Booklist praised, “Bravo to Adams for enabling the rediscovery of this phenomenal American.” Film rights were optioned by Meredith Viera.

Bridget Quinn

Broad Strokes


Historically, major women artists have been excluded from the art canon. Broad Strokes offers an entertaining corrective to that omission. Art historian and former-punk Bridget Quinn delves into the lives and careers of 15 brilliant female artists in text that's feisty, giftable, and gorgeous. Replete with beautiful reproductions of the artists' work and contemporary portraits of each artist by renowned illustrator Lisa Congdon, this is art history from 1600 to the present day for the modern art lover and feminist.

Jeffrey E. Garten

From Silk to Silicon


This is the first book to look at the history of globalization through the lens of individuals who did something transformative, as told through the life and times of ten people who changed the world by their singular, spectacular accomplishments. From Genghis Khan to Margaret Thatcher, Jeffrey E. Garten finds the common links between these figures to ask how have past trends in globalization affected the present and how will they shape the future?

Rick Beyer

Rivals Unto Death: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr


From the bestselling author of The Greatest Stories Never Told series come the epic history of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr's illustrious and eccentric political careers and their fateful rivalry. In Rivals unto Death, Rick Beyer vividly traces their relationship back to the earliest days of the American Revolution, uncovering surprising details that led to their deadly encounter through courtrooms, bedrooms, and the wildest presidential election in history.

Ann Shen

Bad Girls Throughout History

Chronicle Books

Featuring bold watercolor portraits and illuminating essays by illustrator and graphic designer Ann Shen, Bad Girls Throughout History is a distinctive tribute to 100 revolutionary women who were “bad” in the best sense of the word. From pirates to artists, warriors, daredevils, scientists, activists, and spies, these women challenged the status quo and changed the rules for all who followed them.

R.D. Rosen

Such Good Girls


Only one in ten Jewish children in Europe survived the Holocaust, many in hiding. In Such Good Girls, Rosen tells the story of the generation of hidden child survivors told through the true experiences of three Jewish girls—from Poland, Holland, and France—who transcended their traumatic childhoods to lead remarkable lives in America. He provides rich, memorable portraits of a handful of hunted children who, as adults, were determined to deny Hitler any more victories, and he recreates the extraordinary event that lured so many hidden child survivors out of their grown-up “hiding places” and finally brought them together.