Digital Rights Management:


We love the printed word, but we're equally enthusiastic about and engaged in the digital opportunities that are transforming publishing. 

We're working with our authors, traditional publishers, digital publishers, and distributors to create original ebooks and to make our clients’ backlist titles available electronically. We bring a deep background in software and multimedia development to this effort.

Kerry Sparks is Levine Greenberg Rostan’s Digital Rights Manager (in addition to representing her own authors as an agent) and she works with clients on a selective basis to guide them through the digital realm and to advise them on pairing with a partner who will publish them most effectively. We have experience working with a number of companies in this space—from vendors like Argo Navis, Amazon’s White Glove, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press to digital publishers like Diversion, Vook, Booktrope, and Open Road.

Recent examples of successful digital and print-on-demand deals we facilitated include:

Salim Ismail: Exponential Organizations

Salim Ismail is a sought-after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur. He travels Ismail.Salimextensively, giving more than 100 speeches each year addressing the future of business and society in an age of accelerating technologies. Ismail has spent the last five years building Singularity University as its founding Executive Director. He currently serves as its Global Ambassador, has created relationships in over a dozen countries and leads most of their education programs. 

In the past five years, the business world has seen the birth of a new breed of company—the Exponential Organization—that has revolutionized how a company can accelerate its growth by using technology. An ExO can eliminate the incremental, linear way traditional companies get bigger, leveraging assets like community, big data, algorithms, and new technology into achieving performance benchmarks ten times better than its peers. Here, in Exponential Organizations, they walk the reader through how any company, from a startup to a multi-national, can become an ExO, streamline its performance, and grow to the next level.

When Salim came to us he needed to have his book published quickly. We paired him up with Diversion Books to publish the ebook and the print version and with his big international platform worked on his behalf to place the foreign rights throughout the world. 

Susan Wittig Albert: A Wilder Rose

Based on the unpublished diaries of Rose Wilder Lane and other documentary evidence, A Wilder Rose tells the surprising true story of the often strained collaboration that produced the famed Little House books—a collaboration that Rose and her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, concealed from their agent, editors, reviewers, and readers.

Susan Wittig Albert, much like Rose Wilder Lane, is a trailblazer in her own right—she has published nearly 50 popular mysteries and over 60 books for young adults. Her extensive experience in traditional publishing, large readership, desire for more control over this particular book, an accelerated time-frame, and her entrepreneurial spirit all make this book an ideal situation for self-publishing success. We’ve worked with Albert on the editorial, distribution, and overall publication strategy—including consultation on design, pricing, and marketing.  Albert says, “I am enormously grateful for the expertise, patience, and commitment of Kerry Sparks and the whole LG staff. Kerry untied the publishing knots and moved this book through channels I couldn’t begin to navigate. I am so glad I didn’t go solo on this project!”  The book has earned a starred review from Kirkus, who writes, “Pitch-perfect . . . a nuanced, moving and resonant novel about fraught mother-daughter relationships, family obligation and the ways we both inherit and reject the values of our parents. The book also offers insightful, timely commentary on what it means to be a career writer. With all of the charm of the Little House series—and the benefit of a sophisticated, adult worldview—Albert’s novel is an absolute pleasure.”

Neal Pollack: Downward Facing Death mystery series

Over the years, our author Neal Pollack has published fiction and non-fiction with McSweeney’s, HarperCollins, and Pantheon.  He had a great experience with Harper Perennial for his memoir Stretch, and they had signed him up to write another memoir – but as Neal describes quite eloquently in The New York Times Book Review, he decided to self-publish his novel Jewball with Amazon and has gone on to successfully publish his yoga mystery series Downward Facing Death through the Amazon Singles program.

We’ve been Neal’s partner throughout the process.  We’re working closely with him on the packaging, selling foreign and other subsidiary rights, and devising publicity and marketing campaigns – both traditional and online.

Paul Campos: Don't Go To Law School (Unless): A Law Professor's Inside Guide to Maximizing Opportunity and Minimizing Risk

Campos has written three critically acclaimed books in addition to frequent op-eds for major newspapers and a weekly column for  As a Professor of Law at the University of Colorado, Campos pitched the very timely idea for this 30,000 word book to Jim Levine, who suggested that, given the subject’s play in headlines and the short length of the work, Campos would do well to self-publish.  We set him up with Amazon’s agent-only venue White-Glove, negotiated a merchandising deal with Amazon for the ebook, and published the print book through CreateSpace.