How We Work

Our Services and Agency Agreement:

We offer service in four broad areas: editorial development, business representation, writer collaboration, and publicity & marketing strategy.

Editorial Development:

  • Concept development: we help you to figure out the format and approach for translating your expertise, skill, or talent into a marketable work.
  • Proposal development: we guide you through the process of creating a proposal and sample material for effective presentation of your work.
  • Editorial review: we are available to you throughout the writing process. In this capacity, we work in an adjunct role with the editor at your publishing house.

Business Representation:

  • Negotiation: we negotiate the sale or license of rights to your work, and advocate on your behalf throughout the entire pre- and post-publication process.  We work with top co-agents in Hollywood to create and manage opportunities for adaptation of your work for film or television, if appropriate.
  • Preparation of contracts: we prepare and/or review contracts for your approval and signature.
  • Financial management: we examine your royalty statement, collect monies due you from U.S. and foreign publishers, pay you promptly, and handle all tax reporting documents for the U.S. and foreign countries.

Writer Collaboration:

  • Matchmaking: we identify writers who by background and interest will be able to work effectively with our clients.
  • Guidance: we guide experts and writers through all aspects of the collaborative process. We provide a sample contract and assistance with proposal development.

Publicity & Marketing Strategy:

  • Strategic Planning: we work with clients—and publishers—to develop a strategic plan for publicity and marketing. Our work augments what publishers typically do.
  • Matchmaking: we identify independent publicists for clients and assist them through the selection process.
  • Placement: we have special contacts in many areas that enable us to help our clients place their stories or position their work more effectively.

Under Our Agency Agreement, We:

  • Retain a fifteen percent commission on domestic sales, and split a twenty percent commission on British Commonwealth and foreign language sales when a co-agent is involved.
  • Pay your share of monies promptly after receipt.
  • Do not charge you for our time and expense in reviewing, editing, and developing your project for sale.