Dominic Yarabe


Dominic joined the agency in 2018 and currently assists Lindsay Edgecombe, Kerry Sparks, Danielle Svetcov, and Monika Verma.

As a multiracial second-generation American citizen, she is particularly drawn to characters and stories that traverse the complexities of the immigrant experience. Her tastes vary widely, from political narratives to young adult fiction equally adored by adults; however, she’ll read anything that is keenly observed and transports her outside of her tiny New York apartment. Some of her favorite writers are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Paulo Coehlo, Zadie Smith, Khalid Hosseini, Han Kang, and Willa Cather, who shares her Nebraskan roots.

Dominic graduated Phi Beta Kappa from her honors college at University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a B.A. in English. Before joining the agency, she taught for two summers in China and interned in New York, mitigating her transition from cornfield to city. In her free time, she enjoys keeping her ears full with a podcast and hands busy with a book, as well as volunteering around Manhattan.