Michael Nardullo


Mike joined LGR as Foreign Rights Director and Agent in December, 2019 and brings nearly two decades of experience from various positions in international book publishing. He began his career in the subsidiary rights department of The Penguin Group, where he was mentored by veteran rights sellers, learned the nuances of foreign deals and contracts and developed relationships with co-agents and book scouts, many of whom he continues to work with today. He left Penguin to manage the foreign rights department at The New Press, and then joined Maria B. Campbell Associates as a Senior Literary Scout, consulting for leading international publishers, and for Netflix. After nine busy years of scouting, Mike returned to rights selling, first at Foundry Literary + Media, where he also took on several clients as a domestic agent, and now at LGR.

Mike works closely with authors and a network of co-agents to develop the best possible foreign rights strategy for each individual book. His relationships with books scouts and international editors go back many years, and he is always excited to meet with new publishers and learn more about the ever-changing international book community.

As a reader and domestic agent, Mike enjoys literary fiction that feels daring and fresh, especially in its use of language, perspective and structure, and nonfiction that teaches us something new about our place in the world, from our relationship to work and technology, to our understanding of our brains and selves. He also likes upmarket science fiction with a philosophical twist and biographies of his musical heroes.

Mike graduated from SUNY Albany with a degree in English/Creative Writing, which turned out to be a useful major after all. He grew up in Sleepy Hollow, NY, the undisputed Halloween capital of the world, and lives in Brooklyn.