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From the quirky cat companion to the devoted dog lover or the connoisseur of penguins, we love a good animal book. Our clients include Angel Animals' founders Linda and Allen Anderson,pet photographer Jim Dratfield, and the ZooBorns collection. We welcome books that celebrate the delightful and unexpected ways that animals of all kinds enrich our lives.


A Wide Range

To learn more about the books to your left, roll over their covers with your mouse.

A Wide Range

To learn more about the books to your left, roll over their covers with your mouse.

Rachel Levin

Look Big and Other Tips for Surviving Animal Encounters of All Kinds

Ten Speed

As humans encroach on wild places, encounters with animals--bears, bison, mountain lions, mice, turkeys, ticks, rats, raccoons, etc.--have become increasingly commonplace. Writer Rachel Levin (New Yorker, New York Times, Outside) provides a humorous and helpful illustrated field guide to fending off 50 of our most feared--or frustrating--wild animals, including survival techniques, wildlife etiquette, and other essential advice. If you have ever feared the approach of a grizzly, the spray of a skunk, or an army of cockroaches, this book is for you.

Greg Berns

What It's Like to Be A Dog...and Other Adventures in Animal Neuroscience

Basic Books

What is it like to be a dog? A bat? Or a dolphin? To find out, neuroscientist and New York Times bestelling author of How Dogs Love Us, Gregory Berns and his team taught dogs to go into an MRI scanner--completely awake. In What It's Like to Be a Dog, Berns explores the fascinating inner lives of wild animals from sea lions to the extinct Tasmanian tiger, fundamentally reshaping how we think about--and treat--animals. Groundbreaking and deeply humane, it is essential reading for animal lovers of all stripes.

Yasmine Surovec

Cat vs. Human: Fairy Tails

Andrews McMeel

Cat Versus Human: Fairy Tails is a collection of fairy tales for cat lovers as interpreted through the whimsical comics of Cat Versus Human. In this collection from illustrator Yasmine Surovec, fabled characters and fairy princesses are replaced with cat ladies and gents ... and cats. Each comic puts a contemporary witty spin on a classic story, and features the author’s comedic take on cats and their owners.

Tamar Arslanian & Andrew Marttila

Shop Cats of New York

Harper Design

Shop Cats of New York introduces forty of New York’s favorite felines—all who have an extraordinary story to tell. Author of the popular cat blog Tamar Arslanian and Instagram pet photographer Andrew Marttila capture these deeply loved and well cared for animals in their city habitat and reveal how they came to reign over their urban kingdoms.

Peter Marra and Chris Santella

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

Princeton University Press

Free-ranging cats are killing birds and other animals by the billions. In Cat Wars, Peter P. Marra and Chris Santella explain the threats free-ranging cats pose to biodiversity and public health, and shed new light on the controversies surrounding management of these cat populations. Marra has written more than 175 scientific publications, and directs the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Chris Santella is the author of many books, including the Fifty Places travel and outdoor series, and his writing has appeared in such publications as the New York Times and the New Yorker.

Laura Schenone

The Dogs of Avalon

W. W. Norton

Greyhounds, bred to be the fastest racing dogs on earth, are streaks of lightning. Beautiful, astonishing creatures, countless numbers of them disappear each year once they can no longer compete and win. After adopting an Irish sight hound, Laura Schenone discovers a remarkable and little-known fight to gain justice for dogs and for all animals. Schenone is the author of three books including A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove which won a James Beard Book Award and The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken which was selected Newsday Cookbook of the Year.