Daniel Greenberg


Although Daniel's specialties are popular culture, narrative non-fiction, memoir, and humor, he will take on any project as long as there's a personal connection with the book and he's positively excited about representing the author. No non-fiction topic will ruffle his feathers. As he says, "I can fall in love with a 650 page book on the pencil." Over the years he's worked with, among others, rock critics, novelists, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, television writers, Onions, conspiracy kooks, performance artists, renowned professors, pug photographers and New York Times reporters. Yet, he often loses sleep worrying that his list is too narrow.

His fiction leans towards the literary, and he will generally pass along thrillers, mysteries, romances, westerns and the like to his colleagues within the agency.

Daniel is a native New Yorker (he went to summer camp with Arielle!), but, he went off to the hinterlands of Madison, Wisconsin for college. He graduated with honors, a year in Florence under his belt, and a brand-new degree in European History to bring home to his astonished family and friends on the Lower East Side. A brief stint in the Penguin USA Subsidiary Rights Department, coupled with the odd thought that he was Italian, led Daniel off to Italy to work for the Roberto Santachiara Literary Agency in Pavia. In 1994 Daniel returned to New York and joined the agency. In 2002, he became a Principal.