Kirsten Wolf

Contracts Manager

Kirsten Wolf is the contracts manager for Levine Greenberg Rostan.   A graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst and Boston University School of Law, Kirsten spent the better part of the '90s putting herself through college and law school doing a wide variety of jobs, ranging from working as a professional chef to managing an engineering firm.  

In 2003, Kirsten relocated to New York from Boston and began her career in publishing as an assistant at Anderson Grinberg Literary Management.  After working for over four years under Jill Grinberg as associate agent, contracts manager and foreign rights manager, she opened her own company, Wolf Literary Services LLC, in 2008.  In addition to representing writers of both adult and children's literature, Wolf Literary Services provides legal and financial consulting to the publishing industry, with a client list that boasts more than a dozen prestigious literary agencies and other consulting companies.   For more information, please feel free to contact Kirsten at